Beco do Batman


Beco do Batman, a graffiti wonderland in São Paulo’s Vila Madalena neighborhood since the 1980′s. See if you can spot the bat signal.     More street art on Riochromatic: SHINE AND FLOW — Street signs in and around Santa Teresa, my favorite place I’ve ever lived. (link)         PRAZERES — Portuguese for […]



6/28/15 — Two days after the US legalized gay marriage, and 46 years after the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, LGBT activists gathered in Copacabana to march in defense of their civil rights. Gay marriage has been legal in Brazil since 2013, and same-sex unions were legalized in 2004. Despite legal gains, one LGBT person […]

Street Signs


 SHINE AND FLOW — Street signs in and around Santa Teresa, my favorite place I’ve ever lived. Let’s take a ride! Stenciled over someone’s mailbox. I prefer to live in sin than lie in prayer. Love and hate. And Tinder. “Filho da puta” is the Brazilian equivalent of “son of a bitch” but translates to […]

I <3 Santa


 I start at the arches of Lapa. Or Flamengo Beach. Or the Selaron steps. Or the metro stop in Gloria. If I’m in a rush, or wearing heels, or carrying groceries, or I want to feel the breeze on my face, I ask one of these guys to take me up the hill to Santa […]


jruv_photo 4

Rio de Janeiro has a flair for the spectacular, and Christmas is no exception: Rio has been home to the world’s largest floating Christmas tree for the last eighteen consecutive years. It may not have millions of LED lights, but this nativity scene in front of the Gloria metro stop is no less magnificent. These […]

Arpoador Ebb & Flow

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 2.43.15 PM

     Arpoador Freestyle (link)          October in Ipanema (link)             Night Walk (link)

Another Depressing Zoo


I had a dream last night I was on a long trek to get to this wild animal park type of place. It was like a big perfectly shaped mound in the middle of this nature scape with all these wild animals inside. The Rio Zoo is not that place. It’s one of over a […]

Red Carpet

IMG_8885 - Version 2

Rio Film Festival is on for the next fifteen days in my favorite city on the planet. 350 films from 60 countries in 18 theaters across the city. This was opening night. Black and white and iPhones all over. Floor-length royal blue lace and a matching mic. Capes and sparkles! These guys are from the […]

Andrea’s Nudes

ero0 180x100 cm

                                         My whole artistic career I’ve painted my work with oil on canvas, I’ve painted different subjects like Ipanema and elephants, vases of burnt flowers, etc, always with an impressionist style with the use of concentrated paints in many layers. But for this entire thirty years of […]



ArtRio is happening right now in Rio: pop-up galleries and art from all over the place spilling over 200,000 square feet of waterfront real estate in Rio’s rapidly reurbanizing Port Zone. These were my favorite works in the order I saw them. Sam Francis – Blue Jade, 1982 Betania Samaia - Pão de Açúcar, 2014 A […]