Dignity and AIDS

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“Without dignity, there is no effective response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.” The Brazilian National AIDS Program is widely recognized as the leading example of an integrated HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment program in a developing country. ABIA, the Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association, is an NGO that was founded in 1987 to mobilize society to confront […]

Detour: Inhotim


I’m 300 miles north of Rio in the largest gathering of palm trees in the world. I’m in the middle of nowhere surrounded by art. This is Inhotim. Cildo Meireles – Inmensa   Edgard de Souza – Untitled   Galeria Adriana Varejão Cristina Iglesias – Vegetation Room Dan Graham – Bisected triangle, Interior curve Matthew Barney - De Lama […]

One Square Block


One square block of street art in the Lagoa district. Start at Rua Batista de Costa and take a deep breath. It’s going to be a while till we come up for air. I love how some people still don’t think graffiti is art. Partial credits. All photos in this post were taken here on […]

The Hippie Fair


Sundays in Ipanema, the Feira Hippie goes down at the General Osório plaza. As it has every Sunday, without exception, since 1968. The Feira Hippie website claims it’s the largest open-air art gallery and artisanal fair in the world, which is obviously not the case.  It occupies a single square block. It isn’t even the largest such art […]

Prazeres Street Art


Prazeres is a favela up the road from Santa Teresa, with ridiculous views and even more ridiculous street art. Prazeres means “pleasures” in Portuguese. Nação means “nation.” 45 local artists paint the streets chromatic in partnership with the FLUPP lit festival. Start here. The mural reads left to right.                 Original photography by […]

From Andrea to Munich


Ipanema artist Andrea Brandani is going to Munich next week at the city’s request to paint the town any color he feels like. Let’s see what (or who) he’s packing in his bag. De is responsible for the elephants in Ipanema. He’s also into resurrection art and carving tree trunks into the likeness of Christ. A […]

Color House Chill Space


CASA COR IS OUT OF CONTROL. 80 of Rio’s hottest architects descend on an abandoned hotel spa on Flamengo Beach and make magic. I photographed Casa Cor during opening week. Here are my favorite chill-out spaces. Spa-time at the DECA CONCEPT HALL (above) by Miguel Pinto Guimarães.  Nap time on an analyst’s couch in LIVING (below) […]

The Color House


CASA COR IS OUT OF CONTRO. 80 of Rio’s hottest architects descend on an abandoned hotel spa on Flamengo Beach and make magic. I photographed Casa Cor during opening week. Here are my favorite living spaces. LOUNGE DO HOTEL (above) by Gisele Taranto. LIVING (below) by Erick Figueira de Melo.   LOFT + RIO by Luiz Fernando Grabowsky. APARTAMENTO […]

XX Street Art


Hypercolor scenes of women in street art across Rio. Ipanema Beach. Arpoador. Botafogo. Copacabana. Copacabana. Santa Teresa. Largo do Machado. Lapa. Jardim Botânico. Lapa. Lapa. Lapa. Largo do Machado. Ipanema. Original photography by @jruv.   More Rio Art:   Museu da Favela “We are living in a museum. And the museum is all of Cantagalo.”   […]

Museu da Favela


This is the view from a place I like to call Ipanema Hills. Walk up Teixeira de Melo in Ipanema till you hit the massive elevator; an attendant inside takes you up to Cantagalo. Cantagalo has narrow streets. Ridiculous views. No stop signs. Street art everywhere. Flip flops and BBQ. Wellison and Bruno. What’s up […]