Quiosque Culture


Rio’s South Zone beaches, Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon, have been suffering years of gradual upgrades that painting over Rio’s vibrant beach culture with retro-futuristic tackiness. There are new police units, the Tourist Police, in attractive cut uniforms, protecting tourists from petty assaults, harassing barefoot young black children with numbing frequency, occasionally raiding the pot smoker’s […]

The Gay Pride Parade


Sunday afternoon in Copacabana Beach and I’m out at sea. The sound of Rihanna blasting from a thousand speakers draws me in to shore. Let’s take a closer look! I have just paddleboarded into the 17th Annual Gay Pride Parade. IT’S A CELEBRATION BITCHES!! Thirteen semis with sound systems brought to you by Grupo Arco-Iris. […]

Skate Gang


Carnaval Sunday, Copacabana Beach. The Skate Gang (Gangue dos Patins) freestyling to Ja Rule – I Wonder.   Skate Gang – I Wonder from RioChromatic on Vimeo. Check out the Skate Gang online and on Facebook.

Copacabana Fire Dept


“We are firemen, nothing human leaves us indifferent”    



Futevólei Tournament Finals in Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, 9.11.11 Futevólei is a mashup of beach volleyball and soccer that started in Rio de Janeiro in the 1960′s and went global in the 90′s. Brazilians call it “Arte dos pés à cabeça,” which sounds less elegant in translation – “Art from your head to your feet.” Not an Olympic […]